Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The Shape Of Happiness - Coca Cola

Earlier last year I was asked by Coca Cola to be one of seven artists to reinterpret the famous Coca Cola contour bottle (which celebrates is 100th birthday this year) for their 2015 Worldwide Calendar - The Shape of Happiness. Each of the seven artists created their own version of the contour bottle one in a different material including wood, paper, beads, ceramics, clay and, of course, felt.

My version measures approximately 75cm tall (when sitting). My photo is of the German calendar but is being printed worldwide in different languages (the Ukranian version is on eBay!).

The original (and those of the other artists) will be exhibited sometime this year. I'll keep you posted.

PS I hand cut and hand stitched the Coca Cola logo too!


Anonymous said...

just wanted to say I visited wales and i just had an awesome hug from the yeti! thank you so much.. you dont know how much you made me happy today.. :) life is indeed to short to be sad. God bless your happy heart FM <3

love from, Rose DeSagon :)

Unknown said...

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