Thursday 15 May 2014

American Interior

For those of you who follow on me on any social media sites you've probably noticed me going on and on about my involvement in this film. Back in 2012 when I first received the email from Pete and Gruff asking if I'd be interested on working on this project I jumped at the chance. I've worked with Pete before and he's always a joy to collaborate with. His designs translate perfectly to felt. I'm also a huge fan of The Super Furry Animals and all of Gruff Rhys' solo work so it was a dream job.

There are no images of John Evans in existence so Pete and Gruff had to do some research and figure out what he might have looked like. I met up with Pete in Foyles' Cafe and a folder was handed over containing Pete's design of John Evans. Over the next couple of weeks I created John Evans in felt. He stands over 3ft tall. He was packaged up in a box (with air holes!) and posted to Cardiff.

After that I didn't see him for almost a year while he followed in the footsteps of his real life namesake. It was exciting to get various bulletins showing me his progress through the American interior. He has been home to visit once or twice for some much needed TLC and I must say he had much more experience behind the shiny plastic eyes than he did when he first left. I've even had friends calling round, while he was here, to have their photo taken with the film star!

Since then I've seen him up a mountain in a purpose built shrine designed by Pete Fowler (including hand appliqued flags I made from Pete's designs), in magazines, in an app, in a music video, on the front of an album cover and on the big screen. We went to the premiere in Cardiff a few weeks ago. This was the first time I had seen the film. I was blown away. It's an amazing story beautifully told (directed Dyl Goch, beautifully shot by Ryan Owen Eddleston, produced by Catryn Ramasut). I found the whole experience quite emotional. If it's in a cinema near you please go and see for yourself. You won't be disappointed. Also buy the album, read the book, download the app!

I'd like to thank Pete, Gruff, Cat and Dyl for letting me be part of such an amazing project. Diolch!