Saturday 18 September 2010

Wilko Roby

Wilko Roby
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Legendary roadie, Wilko Roby. Hailing from Dudley, Wilko's reputation soon superseded those of the bands he was working for. Soon to be raising hell in the Selfridges Wonder Room, London.

His long suffering wife Wendy informs me, his favourite meal is "Sheperds pie, with an egg on top"

Tabitha Snark and Rolando

Tabitha Snark is an "It" and an "It" Girl. Seen hopping out of taxis with her horned companion, Rolando, in London, Paris and New York, Tabitha is heiress to the Snark fortune and can always be spotted on the front row of all the most prestigious catwalk shoes.

A one-off creation and soon to be a resident of the Selfridges Wonder Room from late October.