Monday, 8 November 2010

Selfridges Wonder Room

As I mentioned in my last post, Felt Mistress is now available in the Wonder Room in Selfridges London. As always these pieces are one offs and I am pleased to say some have already been sold. Pictures below, I have also include a photo of the second window in which Selfridges have displayed some of the other pieces done for the Wonder Room (this is not the main FM window - see the previous post). Please contact for details.

Full view of the cabinets and some more guys on the table in the background.

Scrimpton Fleeps

Scrimptons feet!

Uli Snooks and Rondo
Uli Snooks and Rondo

Tabitha Snark and RolandoTabitha Snark and Rolando

Brunhilde and Little Geoff (many thanks to Doc18 for the photo)

Wilbur Grumph

Grahhl Lagerfurr

Snapper Duvall

Lady Gaarrgghhh Garrgghhhh

Corner window (not the main FM window) Frang Tootle, The Peacock Wrangler, Frimpton Wallis, Chet Krink and Terry Grunts.

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