Friday, 12 November 2010

The Furry Mayhem (with their customised Chest of drawers /Amp)

Introducing The Furry Mayhem...

The Furry Mayhem consists of Flink Strothers (Lead guitar, vocals), Groobo Tubbs (Bass guitar, backing vocals) and Thrubb (Drums, backing howls, grunts). The Furry Mayhem are widely considered to be the true progenitors of the Furry Metal genre. They formed in the early noughties after meeting at the legendary rock club "The Sock Drawer" (it was originally called "The Rock Store" but due a mishap involving the poor handwriting of the owner and a myopic signwriter the name stuck) and were soon signed to FM Records. Their debut album "We Are The Furry Mayhem" made them household names all over the world and even their roadie, Wilko Roby, has become a celebrity in his own right. Flink is married to leading model Elspeth Frond, Groobo has opened his own chain of crazy golf courses and Thrubb was recently a contestant in the popular TV series "I'm A Celebrity.." (but was sadly disqualified after eating three hammocks, two trees and one of the cameras).

They're currently on tour in their customised amp/winnebago/chest of drawers. Catch them at a venue near you soon!

Work done for "Tales from the Sock Drawer" group show at the 20-21 Gallery Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe from Nov 13 - Jan 2011 and then touring starting with York In Jan - April, more details soon.

Copyright- Louise Evans & Jonathan Edwards.

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Wendy Roby said...

The more I see of what you done, the more convinced I become that there are TWO Jonathans, and TWO Louises.

This is wonderful.