Sunday, 20 December 2009

I won!!!!!!!!!

A few months ago I entered the Momiji Couture Contest and I am delighted to say I won! My doll is called Choux Choux and she likes Haberdashery and Elektroclash (a bit like me). For more details (and a bloody awful picture of me) visit the Momiji website Choux Choux can be seen on display at Royal T LA until the middle of January.


WJC said...

Great Stuff! Congratualations.

danielle hanson said...

many congratulations! I entered this competition and came 7th! and so was watching with great interest....I already had your wonderful blog on my bookmarks! Great stuff!

May :: Earth to Girl said...

Congratulations! I was just going through my old emails and saw a RoyalT newsletter about this, then I stumble on your site today. What are the odds? I used to live in the SoCal area and went to RoyalT a few times. Love your Felt Mistress!