Friday, 11 December 2009

Everybody Loves Kaiju (but some a little too much!)

I feel the need to write this blog post as although imitation is the sincerest form of flattery it disturbs me to think one of my poor (200+) Kaiju plushes may have been harmed (unpicked) in the making of this guy's Flickr set. And it's not just my work, I can see a lot of similarities to other people's work too but don't just take my word for it take a look for yourself. He even puts his labels in the same place I do!
My Kaiju -

His "Kaiju kopies" -

I feel really sad having to do this. This guy describes himself as an "emerging British talent" in fact he even emailed me to ask about materials! I have contacted him to give him a chance to put his side across but he ignored me and has since removed these from his shop but they're still on his Flickr site. I won't name and shame him (although I already have on Twitter. Oops) but he knows who he is.

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