Monday, 29 April 2013

Meet The Gurus From Gotta Get Up To Get Down

"Gotta Get Up To Get Down"
"Feeling down? Low self-esteem? Feeling up? Too full of yourself? Helping the downtrodden to pick themselves up and bringing the over inflated down to earth, a gaggle of egregious gurus will descend on Berlin, led by the ‘serene blue dude’ G’goob. Groam and G'goob will be on hand to offer words of wisdom for those in need"
This was our show for Pictoplasma, Berlin. It was centred around a group of gurus/life coaches lead by the serene blue dude G'goob. Meet Groam, Gooplin and Gromp.


Groam believes the only way to true happiness is through sheer misery. He enjoys sitting alone in cold rooms, overcast days and missing the last bus home. When not spreading misery Groam also enjoys playing Ping Pong.


Gooplin provides a "nutty, mellow flavour" to every room he's in. Comparable to a fine wine or a mature cheddar Gooplin prides himself on providing a feeling of well being and contentment. When he isn't life coaching he likes to age well in an Oak cask while listening to Steely Dan.


Gromp is a self proclaimed "bad vibe inhibitor". He has the ability to soak up bad vibes and emit good vibes. He enjoys hanging around doctor's waiting rooms, bus queues and late night motorway services and transforming the atmosphere into "party time"!


G'goob, a serene blue dude. He believes inner enlightenment can be achieved through the consumption of Tunnock's Teacakes and the music of Boney M.

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Shana Kohnstamm said...

These are fabulous!! Gooplin is welcome to hang out at my place any time.