Thursday, 3 March 2011


I was pleased to be asked by Inkygoodness to be part of their Character Totem exhibition for Pictoplasma in Berlin. It stands approx 4ft tall and each piece is individual and then stacks together. I have always loved Totems and have even considered trying to carve one from wood (my dad is a brilliant woodcarver so I'm sure he would have helped) The Christmas before last Jonathan bought me a great book on Totem carving and as it was too cold to spend hours in my dads workshop making a complete mess and probably nearly losing a few fingers I decided to make some felt ones, I was never really pleased with them but now I have worked on the big totem I feel I can share the poor first attempts.

I say first attempts but I had played around with the idea of Totems when I worked with Inkygoodness for their Wonderland exhibition. We call these pieces Voodoo Tron (helpfully named by a friend from Flickr) they were a mix of totems, Aztec and African sculptures and masks with a little bit of Tron mixed in for good measure. Sadly General Dombolo (the little guy with the arms and legs) was stolen from the gallery during the show, I often wonder what happened to him. I just hope he is loved.

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