Friday, 25 June 2010

Lady Gaarrgghhh Garrgghhhh

Lady Gaarrgghhh Garrgghhhh rose to prominence in the infamous monster clubs situated in the labyrinthine network of tunnels beneath New York city.

Inspired by previous glamonster icons such a David Growlie and Furry Mercury, Gaarrgghhh Garrgghhhh has taken the monster world by storm with a combination of killer tunes (literally!), outrageous outfits and an ability to breath fire (during a recent performance she inadvertently toasted the entire front row of her audience!).

Her recent tour of Japan saw her break all previous audience records. The Japanese Yokai community have taken her to their hearts partly due to her Stag Beetle ancestry (she inherits her shiny black antlers from her grandmother's Stag Beetle side of the family).

Copyright 2010 Louise Evans & Jonathan Edwards

She's currently somewhere in London....

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