Thursday, 1 October 2009

The Bea(s)tniks

My contribution to Plush You 2009 in Seattle starting October. Jean-Paul Schmunkle, Andre Krunkle and Chet Krink. A bunch of Rive Gauche, espresso-sipping, jazz-loving, poem-writing Bea(s)tniks. Accessories include a copy of Growl by Allen Grimsberg, Five Horns LP by Munchy Gribbs & The Jazz Brutes and a portfolio of sketches.
Jean-Paul Schumnkle - Jazz trumpeter. Holding his cherished copy of "Five Horns" by Munchy Gribbs & The Jazz Brutes.(Sleeve artwork by Jonathan Edwards.)

Andre Krunkle - Painter. With his art portfolio (including original artwork by Jonathan Edwards).

Chet Krink - Poet. Pictured with his copy of Growl by Allen Grimsberg (contains never-before-published poems by friends including -Jonathan Edwards, Jon Burgerman, Squidboy, Ben Raffe & Darryl Cunningham.
Thanks again, guys!

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